Welcome Back, Real Quick Can I Have A Moment?

Welcome Back, Real Quick Can I Have A Moment?

Coming off summer hiatus…transition to teacher mode complete. 

My list of adulting last week: 

  • Finally remembered to pack a lunch. 
  • Actually ate lunch. 
  • Doubled coffee intake. 
  • Ironed a shirt. 
  • Woke up to an alarm. 
  • Slept through an alarm. 
  • Got a haircut. 
  • Took a vitamin. 
  • Didn’t eat breakfast. 
  • Next day, ate breakfast. 
  • Did lesson plans. 
  • Went to bed to late. 
  • Next day, went to bed very early. 
  • Drank water. 
  • Washed my hands more. 
  • Tucked in a shirt. 

Felt settled and back at home in the comfort of something I’ve known well for the length of time my students have been alive. The warm routine of the start. 
15th Amador Band camp done. 

Week 1, year 17 of teaching in the books. 

But I took some time this week to remember to really see my kids (we always call ’em “my kids” don’t we?)

Like look in their eyes-really see them-see them. 

Here’s what I saw:

  • Nerves
  • Excitement 
  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • A family newly broken
  • A family newly formed 
  • New to school
  • New to city
  • New to country
  • Talent found
  • Friends left
  • Friends found
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Hope

I have to remind myself that for each year my routine becomes more familiar and comfortable, that it is, nonetheless, brand new for the flock of teenagers that cross through the door to the band room. They only have one 1st day of high school. I’ve had 17. 
So I took some time this week to see them for who they were and where they were. It wasn’t easy in the busyness of the start. But it was worth it to find those moments to connect with them. Made my routine feel a little less routine. 

Here’s to some magic through the the crazy of this new year!

Welcome back.