That Time I Biked 545 Miles

That Time I Biked 545 Miles

In June I participated in the AIDS Lifecycle (ALC), a 545 mile bike ride to raise funds and awareness for AIDS/HIV research, care, and prevention. I am new to cycling as a sport and this was my first time doing the ride, which this year had 2200 participants and 700 support volunteers, all of whom raised over $15 million dollars.

What follows is not a play by play of my experience (check out my Facebook, Instagram or Strava feeds for that piece of the story) but rather an effort to gather in one place the things I learned.

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Remember the why and love/survive/handle/navigate/overcome/enjoy the what/how/when/where. Continue reading “Why Do We Do It?”

If I Could Turn Back Time…

If I Could Turn Back Time…

Thanks Cher. But IF I could turn back time as a teacher, would I?

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One of those days…

Music was made. Skills were taught. There were setbacks. There were advances. Difficult conversations were had. Smiles and grimaces existed simultaneously.

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