It’s been a minute. That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about writing (as I’ve certainly had lots on my mind.) I even thought at several points about actually posting something.

And then I didn’t. And then I thought about it again. And then I did nothing.

Truth is (and I try to be as upfront as possible here with y’all), sharing this last year has been challenging. Expertise is something, accidental or otherwise, that seems somewhat out of fashion in our current climate. Each time I thought about sharing a setback, a success, a victory or a defeat I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it. Silence seemed like the easiest choice. I’d lost the courage to use my voice.

I’ve also been feeling lonely in my teaching, wondering if I’m either supposed to have it figured out already, or, if problems arise, sensing that I should already know how to solve them easily and seamlessly.

For what it’s worth, the fog cleared today as a result of a conversation with two amazing friends and colleagues (try to keep ’em in that order if you can help yourself) and I found myself energized and excited about exploring and reconnecting with aspects of my teaching practice, and in turn with you!

So, as I reenter the atmosphere of writing maybe it’s good for you to know that among the most veteran of us there are times where we go dark, maybe without even realizing it or acknowledging it to ourselves. And that maybe we don’t even know we’ve gone dark until we are on the other side of the tunnel, stepping into the light.

Feels good to be back…thanks for reading, as always.


Oh and about this picture with this blog:

  1. A Mr. Grantham bobble head: a gift from an amazing young man that reminds me of the power of community and inclusion in our classrooms
  2. Wonder Woman: she gives me strength and I like that I get to be side by side with an icon
  3. A photo of me cliff jumping in Kauai, circa 2000 (a reminder that I do have courage and just need to, well jump sometimes)

All of these items sit on my desk everyday. I guess today I decided to pay attention.

Love you fools!


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