The quick and dirty? I love lesson planning. It brings some front loaded calm to the anticipated craziness of any given work week. And what teacher doesn’t appreciate some calm in whatever form they can get it?

Click on the links below for a look at the documents that guide our rehearsals at Amador Valley.

Lesson Plans: I’ve shared these before. This document is posted on the wall outside the band office and lets the students know what we are doing day to day.

Concept Plans: These are the details of what fundamentals I am working on each day in each ensemble. We have been fully invested in the Eddie Green concepts for 5 years now (thank you Shelley!) so the exercises and language in this document reflect the short hand of that school of thought. There are plenty of thoughts about this that will need to be explained more fully in a future blog.

Rehearsal Time Budgets: This is a new one for me…and though I’m just one week into using it I am already wondering how I taught without this. Never stop learning right?

Also, there are lots of ways to do this lesson planning thing. If you’ve got some ideas or templates I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks as always for reading!


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